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Before the treatment, the cryotherapy session begins with an essential exchange between the patient and the practitioner, during which a number of questions about the patient’s antecedents and state of health will be raised. This exchange will be accompanied by a measurement of blood pressure and a visual inspection of the patient to observe the potential presence of skin lesions may be a brake therapy.

Cryo Sport Santé makes it a point of honor to support patients upstream of care with a competent and attentive health professional. This phase is essential so that the session takes place in optimal conditions. The parameters of duration and the number of cold exposure required will be set by the therapist according to the patient, his or her antecedents and the objectives assigned to the treatments.

As for immersion; the patient enters the cryotherapy cabin with protections at the extremities. The hands, ears, feet and upper respiratory tract are protected to avoid any risk of complications or incidents. During the few minutes of care, the patient will move slowly in the cabin without the muscular activity is too intense, guided by the practitioner.

Recent scientific studies on cryotherapy show a significant correlation between effects and number of sessions. One to two sessions per week may be recommended for lasting and optimal effects. The necessary frequency is also a function of each individuality which again makes very important the listening values ​​advocated by Cryo Sport Santé.

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