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Relieve your body naturally with osteopathy!

The certified osteopaths of the Cryo Sport Santé center in Geneva, treat naturally all your traumas, muscular, articular and neurological pains. Book your session now!

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Treat your pain naturally with osteopathy

Osteopathy is a method of care that focuses on identifying and treating mobility restrictions that can affect all structures in the human body.

Any loss of mobility of the joints, muscles, ligaments or viscera can cause an imbalance in health. Osteopathy is based on the body’s ability to balance itself and on a thorough knowledge of anatomy.

Osteopathy : Human body care

Osteopathy concerns all the major systems of the body:

Neurological system

Cervico-brachial, intercostal, facial, Arnold’s neuralgia, cruralgia, sciatica…

Cardiovascular system

Circulatory disorders of the lower limbs, venous congestion, hemorrhoids, palpitations, oppressions…

Orthopedic and locomotor system

Sprains, tendonitis, lumbago, back pain, costalgia, neck pain, shoulder periarthritis, joint pain, scoliosis, pubalgia, coccygeal pain, jaw pain.

Digestive system

Bloating, hiatal hernia, flatulence, hepatobiliary disorders, colitis, constipation, ptosis of organs, difficult digestion, gastritis, gastric acidity…

O.R.L and pulmonary system

Rhinitis, sinusitis, vertigo, buzzing, headaches, migraines, bronchitis, asthma, bronchiolitis…

Neuro-vegetative system

Depressive states, hypernervousness, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, spasmophilia…

Our therapists are recognized ASCA and RME, your session can be covered by the complementary insurance

Your osteopathy center in Geneva offers you a personalized treatment in 3 steps

Examen préparatoire pour une séance d'ostéopathie à Genève

Preparatory examination

The osteopath will precisely determine the indications and contraindications of your therapy through a specific interview with the patient and a thorough examination

Test palpatoire pour séance d'ostéopathie à Genève

Palpation test

Through specific palpatory tests, the osteopath explores the body in search of areas that present restrictions of movement likely to alter the state of health

Parcours de soins personnalisés Cryo Sport Santé

Customized care

The osteopath chooses the most suitable and comfortable technique for each patient, depending on his or her age and morphology and the area of the body to be corrected

They trust us

Suite à des séances de cryo corps entier (sans la tête) dans le but de récupérer l'odorat après une infection au COVID19, dont les résultats n'ont pas duré dans le temps, j'ai souhaité essayer une immersion totale (tête et corps) afin de mettre toutes les chances de mon côté. Le résultat : des améliorations notables au niveau des odeurs d'ambiance au cours des séances, mais là encore non durables dans le temps. Une équipe professionnelle et très à l'écoute, une réelle sensation de bien-être après chaque séance.
Super équipe, professionnels. Top niveau
Philip Geertsema
Philip Geertsema
very well impressed by the state-of-the-art equipment, friendliness and expertise of the team. Very recommended!!
Glenda Cardone
Glenda Cardone
Excellente expérience découverte parmi facebook. A suivre sûrement. Staff hyper gentil et soin efficace . Merci et à bientôt
Johan Nikles
Johan Nikles
Super service et accueil au top ! Ça vous remet comme neuf ! Je recommande fortement.
Oliver Sweeney
Oliver Sweeney
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for an osteopath, be it for a regular check up or for a specific reason.

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Our therapists are recognized ASCA and RME, your session can be covered by the complementary insurance


CHF 130 single session
  • single session of 45 minutes for one person

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