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Cryotherapy session to boost your body in Geneva!

Stimulate your body and reduce muscle and joint pain in just a few minutes with cryotherapy.

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Leader in Full body and localized cryotherapy in Geneva

Cryo Sport Santé is the first cryotherapy center offering Full body cryotherapy sessions in Switzerland. Our team of health professionals welcomes you in a unique place in Geneva, in the premises of Holmes Place. Come and discover our Full body and localized cryotherapy sessions, to revitalize your body and boost your organism thanks to the benefits of cold.

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Innovative technology technology for your well-being!

From -110° to -140° …. That’s the temperature we expose your body to during a full body cryotherapy session. Cryo-Science’s patented technology combines performance and safety with an extremely accurate temperature measurement system, providing the most effective treatment possible for the patient.

Technologie innovante pour la Cryothérapie

The benefits of cold for your body

Séance de cryothérapie pour la récupération musculaire

Muscular recovery

Cryotherapy accelerates the repair of tissues, eliminates waste accumulated by the sports activity and thus promotes recovery


Cryotherapy increases anti-inflammatory protein synthesis and relieves chronic and inflammatory pain

Cryothérapie pour le bien-être


Cryotherapy has an anti-stress effect, improves sleep through the secretion of melatonin, helps with weight loss and promotes a state of well-being

FAQ Cryo Sport Santé Genève

We answer all your questions about cryotherapy

The benefits of cryotherapy are numerous, including

  • Muscle recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Improvement of blood flow
  • Immune system boost
  • Improved well-being

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The first session includes a preliminary assessment with a therapist. It lasts on average 30 minutes. The other sessions generally last 15 minutes (3 minutes in the machine).

Complete course of a session

The duration of a session varies and depends on the profile and objectives of each patient. Every cryotherapy session begins with an interview with a specialized therapist.

Complete course of a session

Cryotherapy is not a risky practice. However, depending on your profile, certain contraindications must be taken into account.

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Discover offer

CHF 49 first session
  • Single session for one person

Full body cryotherapy

CHF 65 single session
  • Pack of 6 sessions : CHF 366.-
  • Pack of 12 sessions : CHF 659.-

Localized cryotherapy

CHF 65 single session
  • Pack of 6 sessions : CHF 366.-
  • Pack of 12 sessions : CHF 659.-

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We offer you to make an appointment directly with our reservation system so that you can find a suitable time slot with your agenda.

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