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Since ancient times cold has been used for therapeutic purposes; relieving pain, treating pain and inflammation. Cryotherapy is an act of treating, relieving or provoking a reaction by application of cold or exposure of the body or a part of the patient’s body. The application can be carried out by various means, from ice to cryogenic gas. This method has developed strongly among our neighbors in Northern and Eastern Europe in the last thirty years. She is also talking about her through a growing number of scientific writings interested in its effectiveness.

Three cold treatment techniques are currently considered:

– Localized cryotherapy consisting of applying intense cold to a targeted part of the body.
– Partial body cryotherapy during which the body of the patient is immersed in a cylinder, with the exception of his head. Body of the patient is entirely within the device which is in the form of cabin. In this case, the body of the patient is immersed in a dry cold at very low temperature (between -110 ° C and -140 ° C) for a period of between 1min30 and 3 minutes.

Cryo Sport Santé has made the choice of whole body cryotherapy because it is the technique, based on scientific studies, the most effective for optimally treating patients.

Indeed, it appears that Cryotherapy Whole Body or C.C.E which includes the head, allows a significant cut of the skin temperature and especially homogeneous, which does not allow the other applications. C.C.E elicits greater stimulation of the autonomic nervous system. The more the body is cooled in a complete and homogeneous way, the more the autonomic nervous system is stimulated, which has a greater effect on the parasympathetic tone. This cryotherapy method allows significant physiological reactions whose main effects are the acceleration of the tissue repair, improved blood flow, hormonal stimulation and increased collagen synthesis. Recent studies also give this immersive technique benefits in the overall well-being of the patient but also on some dermatoses or on improving sleep and reducing muscle tension.

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