Benjamin Sunier and Pierre Garnier, two passionate osteopaths, wanted to combine the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy and osteopathy through their project Cryo Sport Santé. These two techniques are gaining awareness both among the scientific body and the general public.

Cryo Sport Santé is a technical project built around the three core values of listening, professionalism and benevolence.

Benjamin and Pierre are committed to accompanying patients with the help of capable practitioners who meet all their expectations. Benevolence is a way of thinking that is dear to those who want patients to relax and enjoy themselves without doubt or hesitation.

With this in mind, Benjamin and Pierre envision a patient’s health path in which multidisciplinarity is the key. As osteopaths – and through Cryo Sport Santé, they do not have the ambition to go it alone. They want to integrate the care chain by working closely with the whole medical community as well as various specialized professionals working in the fields of health and well-being. They offer patients the most comprehensive care possible.

Cryo Sport Santé thanks two of its privileged partner; Holmes Place, which links cryotherapy and sports therapy, and The Treatment Room, which facilitates multidisciplinary management in the fields of osteopathy, acupuncture and sports massage.

Benjamin Sunier

Benjamin Sunier, 32 years old

Ostéopath DO, ostéopath assistant CDS
Sports masseur

“A native of Geneva and a former top athlete, I am passionate about the world of sport and health. I have been practicing athletics for more than 10 years and now lead promising young sprinters from Geneva stadium.

I was lucky enough to be treated with cryotherapy, which allowed me to optimize my recovery by playing on many parameters in order to avoid overload and injury.

At the end of my career I realized that the future of patients care had to be multidisciplinary in order to achieve their goals, and in part all these reflexions led me to undertake osteopathic studies. By opening the center of cryotherapy within The Treatment Room, my colleague Pierre Garnier and I put on premium on guiding our patients towards the most appropriate treatments so that they can improve their their well-being, and achieve their goals at every stage of their lives. “

Pierre Garnier

Pierre Garnier, 30 years old

Ostéopath DO, ostéopath assistant CDS
Inter-University Diploma “Emergencies and sports care”

“I have been involved in sports since I was a kid, but I am mostly passionate about rugby, which I practiced at a good level and which unfortunately led to some injury.

Our coach used to make us bathe in cold water tanks to facilitate our recovery process and reduce the impact of shocks. This regular and sometimes intense sport practice allowed me to appreciate the benefits of alternative therapies including osteopathy and cryotherapy.

As a graduate osteopath, I am always looking for new technologies to improve the health of my patients. Meeting Benjamin at the School of Osteopathy was instrumental in my project: our conception of patient care happened to be the same. Holmes Place and The Treatment Room perfectly match our vision of the patient evolving through a multidisciplinary and individualized health path. “


As the first company to offer whole-body cryotherapy technology in Geneva, Cryo Sport Santé welcomes its patients in exceptional premises. Please visit us on 50 rue du Rhône for quality treatments provided by a welcoming team of health professionals, in a privileged setting.

In order to offer effective treatments to their patients, Cryo Sport Santé has invested in state-of-the-art technology with the ° CRYO Artic chamber designed by °CRYO-Science™ ; the only company currently offering this innovative machinery.

This technology allows patients to be taken care of in the best safety and comfort. The ° CRYO Artic chamber offers the possibility of an immersion at very low temperatures – the lowest a cryotherapy chamber could offer on the market today. In particular, it can reach a temperature of -140 ° C while accurately keeping control of the temperature of the chamber at any time of the treatment. Its technology also ensures the absence of contact between the user and the cryogenic gas and guarantees the latter a breathable atmosphere via a heat exchange technology, making its use absolutely safe.

These latest generations rooms allow Cryo Sport Santé to achieve simple and effective cryotherapy sessions while listening to the patient at all times.